Spring news 2024

Amulett 730/735

Design: Studio JOOY

Amulett with a covered frame is available in two variants 730 which is fixed and 735 which is adjustable.

Amulett is an inclusive and embracing armchair designed for environments with high demands on comfort, hygiene and security. Amulett is a generous but still neat and easily placed piece of furniture.

For the best hygiene, the entire upholstery is removable to facilitate cleaning, as well a gap between the seat, back and armrests to prevent dirt and bacteria from sticking.

Amulett is made in oak or in FSC®-certified birch.


Armchair with demands on comfort, hygiene and security
Generous, neat and easily placed
Inclusive and embracing
Gap between seat, back and frame for best hygiene
Removable upholstery


Frame in any NCS color
Rubber fabric/hospital fabric


Solid wood
Removable upholstery

Humlan 772

Design: Eva Schildt

Humlan 772 is a lower and wider coffee table that is available with or without a lower shelf.

Humlan soffbord har ett mjukt och inbjudande formspråk. Bordet finns att få i  björk, ek, betsat i vit och svart som standard eller i valfri NCS-kulör. Topp skivan finns i utförande björkfaner, ek faner, björklaminat och vitlaminat. Humlan är märkt med FSC®-mix.

The table height is 52 cm throughout.


With or without under shelf
Soft and inviting design


Material in brich or oak
Any NCS color
Laminate tabletop


Solid wood

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