Madeleine Nelson

Madeleine Nelson


Madeleine Nelson is a Stockholm-based architect and designer with degrees from KTH Architecture (2015) and Beckmans Design College (2018).

For NC, Madeleine has designed the TWIST stool.

All of Madeleine's projects are made with a thorough investigation of materials and construction techniques. When aesthetics, functionality and smart solutions are combined, beautiful everyday things can take shape. Madeleine describes herself as an imaginative person with great curiosity and determination who loves to fascinate people by creating something unexpected.

Madeleine's work has been exhibited at, among others, Formex, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Reykjavik Design March and Milan Design Week. Madeleine has received numerous scholarships, prizes and honorable mentions for her design - among others from Formex Nova, Svenskt Tenn, TreCe, Almi Innovationsstipendium and HRD Carpets.

Madeleine Nelson is the co-founder of the design studio A Matter of Form which focuses on investigating the borderland between design and sustainability.


Twist 024


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