Talented designers with a high level of ambition

Our designers

NC Nordic Care collaborates with many exciting designers. Some are young, innovative designers and others are more recognized and experienced. Every year there are several furniture innovations, and every year a new collaboration starts.

Some of the designers have made individual pieces of furniture for us - others have already made several different furniture series. Below you see the designers who have active products in our range. We would like to highlight these partners as it is actually what they create that becomes NC.

We also look forward to many new exciting collaborations in the future!

Ann Morsing och Beban Nord

Björn Dahlström

Ella Westlund

Eva Schildt

Helena Svensson

Helene Tiedemann

Ingrid Backman

Jenny Fingal & Eva-Johanna Isestig

Jonas Osslund

Julia Madås & Sophie Hardy

Karlsson & Björk

Kenneth Bergenblad

Linda Evensen

Madeleine Nelson

Marie Norell Möller

Marit Stigsdotter

Matti Klenell and Peter Andersson

Mia Cullin

NC Design Studio

Oda Homlong

Peter Andersson

Ruud Ekstrand

Stefan Forsberg

Studio JOOY

Sylve Stenqvist