Humlan 371-1

Design: Eva Schildt

Humlan is an inclusive and welcoming furniture family with sofas, armchairs and chairs in soft and rounded shapes that break up the square room and create a warm and inviting environment. Humlan is created from textile combinations with the possibility of different fabric shades for the right contrast, harmony and color experience as well as offering different tactile sensations.

The Humlan armchair with swivel stand offers a restful and generous sitting comfort that encourages easy changing of sitting position. The armchair is pretty in its format, which makes it easy to place.

For the best hygiene, the Humlan has removable and washable seat fabric, as well a gap between the seat and the back to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting stuck.

The Humlan family is made of FSC-certified birch and labeled with Möbelfakta.


Offers soft shapes
Neat and easy to place
Flexible back cushion for support
Gap between seat and back for best hygiene
Removable seat fabric


Material in brich or oak
Frame in any NCS color
Armrest protection
Rubber fabric/hospital fabric


Solid wood
Removable upholstery

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