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The environment label for wood

Wood is a good environmental choice for furniture, but it is important that the forests are managed in an environmentally friendly way. The changes in how we use the land represent 11 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, where deforestation holds the biggest share.

FSC is the toughest label on the market when it comes to responsible forestry.
NC is one of a few Swedish furniture company that sells furniture with the FSC label.

View our FSC-certificate here (pdf)

FSC – responsible forestry

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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a label for responsible forestry and a guarantee that wooden products have been produced with wood that come from forests that have been managed with social responsibility and the environment in mind. The FSC label ensures that all the wood in the product has been controlled and that the wood is traceable.

FSC, how it works


Today 70% of the NC product range is labeled with FSC, and the share grows constantly.
This is a proof that we take responsibility for the forests – the wood from the forest is NC’s most valuable material.

The graph shows FSC labelled products as a share of our total sales.

FSC 100 % or FSC Mix

Our furniture are labeled with FSC 100 % or FSC Mix.

  • FSC 100 % means that all wooden material comes from certified forestry.
  • FSC Mix means that at least 70% of the wodden matrial comes from certified forestry. The rest from full controlled and leagaly harvested forests. All wood are tracable.

There is a lack of FCS- certified forests in the world, that´s why FSC-Mix is available.

Some examples of rules

that need to be followed for FSC
  • Deforestations are not allowed. Some groups of trees, firewood and stumps need to be saved in order to support biodiversity.
  • Trees by watercourses are to be spared.
  • Markings from forestry machines are to be avoided.
  • Trees with value for the nature are not to be cut down, e.g. trees that are rare or particularly large or old.
  • Responsibility to spare at least 5% of the forest for nature conservation purposes. In particular forest areas with important biotopes.
  • Individuals and groups that could be affected by the forestry should be informed in advance and could then demand consultation if the forest is extraordinarily important.
  • Extra consideration are to be taken to the Sami reindeer herding.

FSC gathers different groups

The organisation behind the FSC label

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an independent international organisation with members from environmental groups, unions, forest companies, producing companies and many others. This is to unite all groups that wish to protect the forests and its future.