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Creating durable and high-quality furniture increases the likelihood of long-term use. Functionality and design are both key to developing furniture with a long lifespan. The work of developing a well-made product – and of managing materials and resources responsibly – starts early on in the design process. It is also imperative that the raw materials in our product should be traceable and originate from responsible sources. Customer loyalty is built through reliability and authenticity.

To minimize our environmental impact and to ensure satisfied costumers we are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Furthermore, we are certified according to the international standard for occupational health and safety ISO 45001. The starting point for all three certifications is continuous improvement, which is fundamental to our long-term sustainable development efforts.

Of all the ecolabels available on the market, we have identified the two most significant: FSC® and Möbelfakta. By choosing FSC® labelled, our environmental impact is reduced, thanks to the responsible management of the world’s forests through sustainable use, conservation, restoration, and respect for all. Our products with the Möbelfakta label meet strict criteria that guarantee not only a good-quality product but also decent conditions for people and our planet.

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