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An honourable thing for NC

At NC we take our sustainability work seriously. To make sure that our furniture meet certain standards is a good way to show that keep what we promise. Of all the different standards that are available we have identified two standards that we feel are comprehensive and meet most demands, Möbelfakta and FSC. If these two standards are met, we meet most of the demands that are put on us.

Möbelfakta - The environment standards for furniture

What does it mean for NC

Möbelfakta sets standards within environment, quality and social responsibility.

Möbelfakta environmental standards

Möbelfakta has high standards when it comes to environment. In our furniture we want to use as environmentally friendly material as possible. The environmental standards are in line with the recommended standards set by the Swedish National Agency for Public Procurement. Therefore Möbelfakta works as a testimonial in several Swedish procurements.

Möbelfakta quality standards

The products have also undergone quality tests that meet international standards for furniture.


More about Möbelfakta

FSC® – The environment label for wood

Wood is a good environmental choice for furniture, but it is important that the forests are managed in an environmentally friendly way. The changes in how we use the land represent 11 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, where deforestation holds the biggest share. The use of wood that has the FSC label minimise the impact on the environment. FSC is the toughest label on the market when it comes to responsible forestry and NC is one of a few Swedish furniture company that sells furniture with the FSC label.

More about the FSC work

The Better Effect Index

A sustainability index

Sustainability is difficult. We want to give you a simple answer to the question: How sustainable is a product?

We have therefore introduced the sustainability index The Better Effect Index. There it is presented how the furniture is measured compared to raw material and resources, climate, social responsibility, pure materials, reuse and ergonomics.

The furniture is measured in six areas

We started by asking our customers – architects, interior architects, purchasers and users – what they found important when making sustainable choices. With the starting point in these answers and the UN’s Global Compact initiative we have created an index where we assess and rate our products in six different areas:

  • Raw materials and resources
  • Climate
  • Pure materials
  • Social responsibility
  • Reuse
  • Ergonomics

Overall rating

The highest rating within each area is 3 points. The rating within each area is the average rating of the different measured parameters in each area. The highest possible overall rating when all areas are put together is 3 points. The overall rating is the average of the different areas. Please find more information about the Better Effect Index on the Kinnarp website.



Here you can find the ratings for our products

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