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Sputnik 101

Design: Björn Dahlström
In the assortment since 2015

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Sputnik, with design features that originates from the satellite it has gotten its name from, has an everlasting beautiful desing with details that give the stool that certain something. Go for the one with wooden seat or fixed upholstered seat.

The ability to choose colour and fabric gives Sputnik endless possibilities and make sure it fits any environment. Go for velvet upholstery for the classy restaurant, in artificial leather for the local pizzeria or as a visitor’s stool with a wooden seat for the kindergarten. That is right, stools work in so many places.

Sputnik is available in six different versions: in three different heights, either with wooden seat or with fixed upholstered seat. The upholstered seat has a nicely upholstered button that adds even further to the design. The two higher stools are available with foot rests in metal that withstands wear and tear even more. You can choose whichever fabric you prefer, but if you would like some tips, please check out our fabric guide.

Sputnik stool is a good sustainability selection. It is made in FSC Mix and is available as clear lacquered or stained.

Added value

Stool inspired by a space rocket
Stool and bar stool with possibility for three different seat heights.
Possibility for stain creates individual coloring.
Foot rest in metal protects from marks and scratches.


Solid wood
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Art no: 101



Height 63 cm
Sitting height 63 cm
Diameter 36 cm
cm inch


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NCS colour code of your choice is available for this product

Care instructions for this piece of furniture

Wood is a living material whose grain has a natural variation in pattern, hue and lustre from the start. The wood is affected for example by humidity, temperature and season. Due to the fact that wood is a living material it means:

  • Screws need to be tightened regularly, at least once a year.
  • Massive tabletops might need to settle with up to 0.5% depending on the surroundings.
  • Light from lamps and sunshine have a certain effect on the colour and lightness of the wood surface, so please let the same amount of light expose the whole surface.

To take care of the environment we lacquer a big part of our products with water-based products. This means:

  • Spill of coffee or other liquids must be wiped off immediately.
  • Please clean the surface with washing-up liquid or mild pH neutral cleanser and lukewarm water, wipe with clean water and wipe dry. Do not use cleaning agents which are alkaline, aggressive, contains abrasives or solvents.
  • For disinfection non-alcohol based agents are recommended, such as Virkon or DAX Alco Free. Alcohol based agents should not be used.
  • For normal cleaning, please use a slightly damp cloth with a mild cleaning agent without solvents or abrasives.
  • For badly soiled surfaces, please use an alcohol-based cleaner and a damp cloth.
  • Alcohol based agents can be used to disinfect if it is wiped dry with a cloth afterwards.

Björn Dahlström

Product designer and graphic designer.

Björn Dahlström was born in 1957 in Stockholm, Sweden. For NC Björn has designed the chairs CURT, BJÖRN and YES, the stool SPUTNIK and the STURE series.

Björn founded his own company in 1982 and focused on graphic for companies such as Ericsson, Scania and Altlas Copco. Today Björn predominantly focuses on industrial design and furniture design. Björn has also produced graphic designs and animated movies for the above-mentioned companies.

Björn Dahlström
Björn Dahlström with things he has designed.

In the 90’s Björn created several successful furniture projects together with the Stockholm based company cbi as primary client. Björn has received numerous awards throughout the years and has received the Swedish award Utmärkt Svensk Form several times. He has also been a member of the jury for the German design Award Rote Punkt, as well as for other international competitions.

1999-2001 Björn worked as a professor at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm. He has also lectured at Beckmans School of Desing in Stockholm Björn currently lives and work in Stockholm and is a member of SID (Swedish Industrial Designers).

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