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Sofa table

Maja 302

Design: Ann Morsing


A round, smaller sofa table with a diameter of 50 cm. Available in solid birch, stained or with a practical and durable laminate table top.

The table has a lower shelf that is ideal for newspapers and other items. The lower shelf is 30 cm from the floor.

The Maja sofa table series meet the Möbelfakta standards and consist of six different versions, such as round, oval and square. The height is 60 cm on all Maja tables.


Solid wood
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Art no: 302



Height 60 cm
Diameter 50 cm
cm inch

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NCS colour code of your choice is available for this product

Care instructions for this piece of furniture

Wood is a living material whose grain has a natural variation in pattern, hue and lustre from the start. The wood is affected for example by humidity, temperature and season. Due to the fact that wood is a living material it means:

  • Screws need to be tightened regularly, at least once a year.
  • Massive tabletops might need to settle with up to 0.5% depending on the surroundings.
  • Light from lamps and sunshine have a certain effect on the colour and lightness of the wood surface, so please let the same amount of light expose the whole surface.

To take care of the environment we lacquer a big part of our products with water-based products. This means:

  • Spill of coffee or other liquids must be wiped off immediately.
  • Please clean the surface with washing-up liquid or mild pH neutral cleanser and lukewarm water, wipe with clean water and wipe dry. Do not use cleaning agents which are alkaline, aggressive, contains abrasives or solvents.
  • For disinfection non-alcohol based agents are recommended, such as Virkon or DAX Alco Free. Alcohol based agents should not be used.

Laminates are very durable surfaces and work well in public spaces.

  • Please wipe daily with a dry cloth.
  • For more stubborn stains a non-abrasive cleaning solution can be used.
  • Ingrained stains and any discolouration can usually be removed by using a mildly abrasive cleaning cream or paste.
  • Rings or marks on the surface are easiest to remove with a window cleaning solution.
  • Do not use scouring pads or steel wool, as these can scratch the surface.
  • Marks from ink or felt pen can be removed by using an acetone or alcohol based cleaner on a clean cloth.
  • Disinfection can be made with alcohol based agents if the surface is wiped dry with a cloth afterwards.

Ann Morsing

Interior architect SIR/MSA and designer

For NC Ann has, together with Beban Nord, designed the MAJA tables.

Ann has a degree from Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm, at the institution of Interior architecture & Furniture design. Ann owns, together with Beban Nord, the architect studio BOX Arkitekter. Ann was born in 1956 in Uppsala, Sweden.

They predominantly work with projects in the public sector, exhibitions, media projects and product design. 1992-2002 they designed, produced and marketed furniture under their own company BOX Design, and participated at furniture fairs in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cologne, Milan and New York City.

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