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Welcome to NC!

One of the leading furniture suppliers in Scandinavia

We supply wooden furniture to all kinds of public areas. Together with our extraordinary designers our product assortment is created in a sustainable and including way.

Within care and healthcare we feel confident to say that we are the best in Scandinavia. We have one of the broadest assortment of wooden chairs with high design focus on the market

All people are different and have different needs. This is a common theme in our business and everything we do. We have a big focus on the natural resources and pose high demands on materials and suppliers.

Let us guide you through the world of NC. Welcome to NC!

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Printed matters

  • NC NEWS PAPER 2018


  • Lookbook 2017

    NC furniture in real life

    Get inspired by NC:s furniture shown in client milieaus – at restaurants & cafes, in autitoriums, in care facilities and in offices.

  • News 2018

    All the new pieces launched in February 2018

    New furniture pieces and new designs launched in 2018 by NC Nordic Care.

  • Overview 2018

    An overview of NC's furniture assortment

    Pretty much all of NC’s assortment in an easy-to-view fashion in one folder. Including measurements, article numbers and New-stamps for this year’s additions. Feel free to get inspired!

  • Caring design solutions

    Care and nursing environments of the future

    The catalogue you are looking through shows what the modern expression “healing designs” means to us.

    The majority of the images in the catalogue are from the elderly home Myntan in Nyköping, Sweden, where our furniture creates comfortable and functional spaces, ranging from entrance environments through waiting rooms, studios, dining halls, cafés, corridors, staff areas, meeting rooms, lecture rooms to nursing wards. Allow yourself to be inspired by how we take responsibility for a larger entirety and deliver more than just furniture.



Ett urval av

”I designed the sofa because I wanted to create something that would make a difference to someone. Create a product that would change the perception of who public areas are intended for. Create a space that would make everyone feel included.”

“Be a part of is created for people that are in wheelchairs and do not want to constantly be on the side. The person in the wheelchair should be able to enter a room and feel certain that there is a space available.”

“The gap in the middle of the sofa enables for people in wheelchairs to be in the centre and be surrounded by their loved ones. The gap also creates a space for two people to sit facing each other and have good eye contact.”

Ella Westlund, Designer

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Nu lanserar vi den inkluderande soffan BE A PART OF

”Jag formgav soffan för att jag ville skapa något som skulle kunna göra skillnad för någon. Skapa en produkt för att ändra synen på för vem offentliga miljöer är till för. Skapa en plats för att alla ska känna sig inkluderande.”

”Be a part of är skapad för människor som sitter i rullstol och som inte hela tiden vill vara vid sidan om. Den rullstolsburne ska kunna komma in i ett rum och känna sig säker på att det finns en plats.”

”Mellanrummet i soffans mitt gör det möjligt för rullstolsburna att få vara i centrum och kunna omges av nära och kära. Mellanrummet skapar även en plats för två personer att sitta mitt emot varandra och kunna se varandra i ögonen.”

Ella Westlund, Formgivare

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Lookbook Care

Nu finns en ny lookbook med bara inspirerande bilder från våra projekt i Vård- och omsorgsmiljöer.

Bläddra och inspireras!

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Be a part of


The sofa Be a part of takes a big step forward to the next generation…

You & I


An including sofa specially designed for waiting areas for children.

  • Chairs, stools & benches

  • Easy-Chairs & Sofas

  • Tables

  • Storage units

  • Accessories

  • Functional Easy-Chairs

Choose your colour!

Wood makes it easy to create different expressions

On almost every product in our range you have the possibility to choose a covering stain. The NC standard stains are black and white, but we will be happy to help you with special colours

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Choose fabric

Make your own decissions

As we do not have a standard fabric assortment we give our customer the choice to choose between all the fabrics the fabric suppliers in the world have to offer.

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  • Humlan 371


  • Jackie 132

    Chair with armrests

  • John 380

    Functional easy chair

  • Grace 502

    Round table

  • Care / ACADEMIC SPECIALIST CENTER (ASC), ASC, Nackavägen, Stockholm
  • Care / Råsvägen, Tranås, Råsvägen Tranås
  • Auditoriums / Ljusdal Library, Ljusdal Library
  • Office / IBM Office in Kista; Stockholm, IBM Kista, Stockholm
  • Care / Krokslätts retirement home, Krokslätt, Gothenburg
  • Care / Hammarhus, Gothenburg, Hammarhus, Gothenburg
  • Care / Linden care home, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
  • Care / Villa Tollare, Nacka, Sweden
  • Care / Myntan – The retirement of the future, Nyköping, Sweden
  • School / Glömsta School, Huddinge, Sweden
  • Office / Trollhättan Energi Company, Trollhättan Energi AB, Sweden
  • Auditoriums / Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, Sweden

Reference cases

se utvalda referenscase

Get inspired by the environments architects, retailers and customers have created with NC’s furniture. A multitude of pieces and colours, combined in different beautiful solutions and combinations.

Experience schools, shops, care homes, hotels as well as office environments, to mention a few.

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Sustainability blog


Följ med Lisa, Sara och Tamara till lacktillverkaren Sherwin Williams i Bellö och läs om de olika ytbehandlingarna som NC använder.

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X-mas feeling in Stockholm

Creative evening at Stockholm Design Stop

Creative evening at Stockholm Design Stop

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Christmas event

Christmas VIP at Stadshuskällaren Stockholm

Christmas VIP at Stadshuskällaren Stockholm

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Orgatec in Cologne

Open for Change

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You will find NC at Orgatec 2018

23-27 oktober

Orgatec in Köln, Germany is one of the office furniture industry's leading international fairs. We…

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Friday pic! STURE easy chair with sofa table at the open psychiatric…

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Today in DI, a big picture of people talking about sustainability from Grand Hotell Stockholm. The sofa, armchair and chair is HUMLAN ( BUMBLEBEE) designed by Eva Schildt for NC…

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Today in DI, a big picture of people talking about sustainability from Grand Hotell Stockholm. The sofa, armchair and chair is HUMLAN ( BUMBLEBEE) designed by Eva Schildt for NC…

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Furnitures in wood makes a sense of security. I don´t know why…

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This is John, I think you already know "him". John is an…

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