NC's sustainability strategy is developed based on our core values ​​and our goals and is realized through our processes. To ensure continued success in our business to achieve long-term sustainable development, we also work based on our joint Sustainability Policy for Kinnarps Group:

Innovative: New thinking and innovation mean that we dare to be different and dare to do what no one else has done.

Communicative: We are communicative, through an open and continuous dialogue regarding the company's sustainability program and commitments, both internally and with external stakeholders.

Accountability: We fulfills legal requirements and other requirements related to our sustainability work. We create good working conditions throughout our value chain. We work to create a safe and developed working environment with participation and consultation where dangers are eliminated and the risk of injury and illness is minimized.

Competent: We increase and renew our competence to ensure compliance with our policies, that set goals are achieved and that our procedures are followed and developed. We create products and services of high quality and low environmental impact.

Prevention to us means identifying opportunities and preventing any unwanted effects, risks and behaviors and fixing the problem at the source. We improve our sustainability performance by minimizing damage, illness, pollution, reducing waste and using our resources and energy in an ever more efficient way.