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Workplace Wellness in Milan

During Salone Del Mobile Milano last week, we presented an exhibition together with Materia and Skandiform with the theme Workplace Wellness in the design ditrict of Brera, Milan. At the exhibition you could get a presentation of the Trend report from Kinnarps. In the meantime you could also enjoyboth fresh juices, snacks and dishes created by the food designer Arabeschi Di Latte. The exhibition itself is designed and styled by the Italian designer Luca Nichetto. The visitors has been many during the week and many nationaities were represented. As mentioned, the theme of the exhibition this year was Workplace Wellness which permeated Everything, both in the colouring with calm colours, using a lot of green plants and furniture that works both in the Conference room, the lunch room and in the office. This just to show the advantages with a healthier workplace.

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