Laddar in

One early autumn morning, together with colleagues Sara and Tamara in product development, we drove far into the woods of Småland to the small community Bellö where we visited the production of Sherwin Williams.

Once in Bellö we got a warm welcome and a day filled with interesting and valuable information regarding various surface treatments, their pros and cons, and how Sherwin Williams work to constantly develop better and better surface treatments for wood.

On our way home in the car, we were all overexcited – as all of us are new to the company and industry – about the fact that we better understood the composition of different surface treatments and how their different ingredients determine their properties, tolerability and compatibility with various environmental requirements. But first and foremost, we were excited that there is so much potential in the field, and that NC, now with more knowledge can work to develop how we can achieve the right texture in the best way while at the same time making the surface strong enough.

With bright prospects, we are back at the office and the continued work on NC!

Interested in our different surface treatments? Follow the link to a previous post on the subject “Which surface treatment is the best for the environment?”

Lisa Hansson, Environmental and Quality Coordinator