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The concept of circularity is highly relevant and seems to be on everyone’s lips. The ongoing development seems to go in the direction of circularity, which is not particularly surprising given that circular flows are a necessity. Not only to preserve nature and our conditions for living on earth, but also a prerequisite for entrepreneurship. Unlike the linear business models that are largely conducted today, the circular model means that materials that would otherwise have become waste are taken back into production and used again. If we, as producers do not recycle and reuse materials, they become more difficult and harder to extract in nature, demand increases and prices rise, while profitability decreases.

This has been identified as one of the upcoming challenges in the furniture industry and a necessary nut to crack for a sustainable and long-term business. To make 2019 a productive year and to give our work for circularity an extra boost, NC has chosen to participate in a project on circular business models that will continue throughout 2019.

The purpose of the project is to arrive at an action plan for our continued work. Our hope is that the project will generate expanded knowledge and inspire new processes that enable and facilitate a circular flow of our furniture.

Join us on this journey and see where it takes us!

Speaking of circularity, don’t miss our ongoing renovation project. Follow the link to read more.

Lisa Hansson
Environmental and Quality coordinator at NC