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Wood is the most important material for us at NC. It is the basic prerequisite for all our furniture and for our work with sustainability. Wood originates from the forests but all forests are not good forests. Despite the fact that they help to counteract the ongoing climate change and cleans our air, there are several aspects of forestry that can contribute negatively to people and the environment. How forests are managed has a decisive impact on the effects that forestry has on their environment. When NC a few years ago set the goal to become the industry’s most sustainable company, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) was an important piece.

At NC, we became certified in January 2014, and started to sell FSC®-labeled furniture that guarantees wood from controlled and safe sources.

Today is “FSC® Friday”. The campaign is carried out every year to pay attention to the world’s forests and responsible forestry. Of course, we at NC want to be part of that!

By choosing FSC®-labeled products, responsible forestry is supported, where wood products come from forests managed with great social and environmental considerations, as well as economic sustainability. Read more about FSC® and how they work for sustainable forestry.

Wood is an important part of furniture history and at NC we also believe it is part of the future. But in that case it is necessary that we in the furniture industry stand up for responsible forestry and not least produce products with a long lifespan. It would be best if a new tree had grown up before it was time to replace the old wooden chair so that we do not consume more than what is newly produced.

Do you want to contribute to more sustainable forestry? Choose FSC® labeled! You can find all NC’s FSC®-labeled products here. And don’t forget to take care of your furniture and use it for a long time, that’s what they are developed for!

Lisa Hansson
Sustainability manager NC