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Exciting projects and challenges in 2019

As soon as the Christmas food was eaten and the new year celebrated, NC was in full swing with a large and exciting project. NC has long received and refurbished furniture to extend their lifetime, but no project has been nearby in the size of the project we have just started. It will surely lead to challenges but primarily lessons learnt, pride and fantastic furnitures for the customer. In 2019 we will share the results and hope to continue receiving requests for renovation and remake projects so that our furniture can live even longer.

For 2019, we have set tough goals to strive for. The goals are to increase the proportion of furnitures labeled with Möbelfakta from 83% to 90%, and increase the proportion of FSC®-labeled products from today’s 68% to 72%. In addition, we aim that at least 50% of our suppliers will be assessed with low risk of violation to our Code of Conduct. At present, this figure is 39%, which can be considered a relatively low figure, but this is because at NC we have high demands on ourselves and in order to assess a supplier as low risk, we also place high demands on our suppliers. This is a way to make sure that we do not settle when it comes to our work for social responsibility, but continue to monitor and cooperate with our suppliers in order to create development and improvement.

We hope that you will follow the exciting journey that we at NC has ahead of us in 2019.

Lisa Hansson
Environmental and Quality Coordinator