Laddar in


Easter is here and what’s more relevant than eggs! Did you know that at NC we have tried to have eggs on our furniture? No matter how strange it sounds, we have done tests to see if we could use the surface treatment of egg oil tempera.

As the name reveals, the color contains eggs, linseed oil and in addition, only water and pigment. Egg oil tempera had therefore been an exciting alternative to surface treatment corresponding with NC’s philosophy of sustainability. But all fairy tales do not have a happy ending. Unfortunately, the egg oil tempera did not pass the tough quality requirements we place on the surface’s resilience.

Although, we are proud of the fact that we are brave enough to try new things and the experiment confirms that we can be satisfied with the water-based varnishes that we currently use. They meet tough environmental and quality requirements. Want to know more about our varnishes? Contact us and we will tell you more!

Happy Easter!

Lisa Hansson
Sustainability manager NC