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Kenneth Bergenblad


For NC Kenneth Bergenblad has designed the series RIB and STOP as well as the serving trolley RUTER.

Kenneth nowadays works with his own company Bergenblad Design. Previously Kenneth has been the Chief Designer at Dux Möbel AB. He was born in 1944 in Vetlanda, Sweden.

Kenneth has been awarded several prizes and awards, such as:

  • Silver medal in Möbelgesäll 1965
  • Resources Council Product Award New York 1980
  • Guldlampan Nordisk Design 1982
  • Runner Up Prize Köln 1989
  • Diamant Emma Stockholm 1994
  • Kulturpriset i Skurups kommun 2013.

Examples from the series of

Rib and Stop

  • Rib 570-1


  • Stop 571-2

    High armchair

  • Stop 573-2

    Three seater sofa

  • Ruter 275

    Serving trolley