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Jenny Fingal & Eva-Johanna Isestig


Jenny is furniture designer, educated at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen. Born 1981 in Borås but now living on the west coast with studio and workshop in Marstrand. Jenny also runs her own brand Taste for Waste, a collaboration with a jewelry artist and female craftsman in Kenya.
Eva-Johanna Isestig is interior designer and children’s culture designer, educated at HDK, Gothenburg and COFA, Sidney.
Eva-Johanna was born in 1981 in Jämtland. With a unique design method, she creates cultural and health environments for and together with children and young people, from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north. In the workNya Drottning Silvias child- and youth hospital in Gothenburg, the idea of ​​an exploratory project on children’s own care furniture was formed.
Jenny and Eva-Johanna have run the project “”Den som väntar… VADÅ VÄNTA!?” for three years. Together with over a hundred children and young people aged 4-19 and participating actors such as NC Nordic Care and Västra Götaland, we have investigated how the waiting room is best designed. The sofa Du & Jag are a small part of the result and a puzzle to create a safe, accessible, fun, interesting and meaningful waiting in the health environment – under the conditions of children.

Fingal Isestig formgivare

Fingal Isestig formgivare

For NC Jenny Fingal & Eva-Johanna Isestig has designed the sofa bench DU & JAG

New product 2018

  • Du & Jag 560