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NC turns out the lights during Earth Hour

On Saturday the 29th of March it is Earth Hour between 20.30 and 21.30. All over the world people will turn out their lights during one hour and last year over 150 countries participated. The main reason with the quenching is not to save energy, it is to send a clear message to all politicans to take the climate changes seriously.
Of course NC will participate in Earth Hour. Although almost all lights are out after hours on NC, this weekend we also will quench the lights in our showroom. We also would like to share a few tips om how to save energy. This time when you are at home in your kitchen.

Vaccum behind refridgerator and freezer, dust on the capacitor at the back of these can increase the power consumption with up to 25%.

Use the right size on your pots and pans. If the hotplate are one centimeter bigger than the pot the power consumption increases with 20%.

A short film about Earth Hour


If you want to read more about Earth Hour you can do that here