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NC is certified by FSC

NC is a company of wooden furniture, and therefore it seems obvious to include a sustainable forestry in our production as a part of Inclusive Design. We want to deliver our furniture with the best forestry labeling there is, FSC. To buy a piece of furniture with FSC-label means that the forest where the wooden material comes from has been farmed with great consideration to the environment.
To market our furniture with the FSC-label it takes for us to be certified according to FSC, which we just have become. Right now, the work with labeling as many products as possible, is in progress.
From now on we deliver the furniture below with the FSC-label:

  • Suspendable armchair Erik 463
  • The table series Nivå
  • Stackable chair Alvastra 061
  • Foot stool Kurbits 328

We want to be the company that drives the sustainability work forward in this line of business. And to see that NC is one of the first in this bransch, we like to look at it as proof of that we are on track.

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