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Inclusive design ®

Good furniture design – with heart and mind, body and soul

It is all very simple. We want as many as possible to enjoy good furniture design – with heart and mind, body and soul

That is why we work with an inclusive perspective. We embrace differences. We understand that we all are different. Have different abilities and qualities. That is the reason behind our strong demand for functional furnishing. It should be adjusted to the user. This is the reason why several of our furniture are available in different seating heights and different widths.

Inclusive Design belongs to the future. You must make up your mind. Think in terms of design all the way. Dare to take decisions. Always focus on mankind and the environment.

We call it Inclusive Design®.

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Furniture that are accessible

Our ambition is to offer a furnishing concept that creates access. Everyone, regardless who you are or how you feel, should be able to take part and enjoy. We want furniture to give everyone access to share the public space.