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Sustainability policy

Our business plan is: NC Nordic Care design, produce and sell inclusive furniture with focus on accessibility and sustainability. We call it Inclusive Design®

In a sustainable and resource effective fashion we work to reach long term sustainable development that is rooted and withheld by our work with continues improvements and a planned development. Our work is grounded in the understanding of the materials and the products that we work with to develop and refine sustainable solutions. We strive to create a responsible and value adding balance between our costumers and stakeholders need, care for our environment, the people we affect and a healthy economy.

NC´s strategy for sustainability is formulated by our values and our goals and is put into action through our processes. To ensure continuous success in our work to reach a long-term sustainability we will continue to be:

  • Inclusive: We include nature, mankind and the environment in the development, production, and recycling of the furniture.
  • Innovative: New thinking and innovation means that we dare to be different and dare to do what no-one else has done before.
  • Communicative: We are communicative through an open and continuous dialogue regarding our sustainability work and obligations, both internally and externally towards our stakeholders.
  • Responsible: Both management and co-workers at NC Nordic Care work to ensure good working conditions throughout the supply chain to create a secure and developing working environment that minimize injuries and poor health. This responsibility is taken by following:
    • policy documents
    • laws
    • routines
    • other requirements.
  • Competent: We increase and renew our competence to ensure:
    • compliance of our policy
    • that set goals are reached and developed.
    • that routines are followed and developed.
    • that we create products and services of high quality and with low environmental impact.
  • Preventive to us means to identify and prevent all unwanted effects, risks and behavior and to address the problem at the source. We improve our environmental performance and working environment by preventing pollution, reduce waste and by using resources in an effective way.