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Sustainability policy

Our work to reach a long-term sustainable development has it´s origin in and maintains through our work with constant improvement and a planned development. We strive to create a responsible and value creating balance between our customers and clients needs, care about our environment, the people we affect and a healthy economy.


NC´s strategy for sustainability is formulated by our values and our goals. To ensure continuous success in our work to reach a long-term sustainability we will continue to be:

  • Including: We include nature, mankind and the environment in the development, producing, and recycling of the furniture.
  • Innovative: New thinking and innovation means that we dare to be different and dare to do what no-one else has done before.
  • Communicative: We are communicative through an open and continuous dialogue regarding our sustainability work and obligations. This regards both internally as well as towards external stakeholders.
  • Responsible: Both management and co-workers are responsible by following this and other documents of:
    • policy
    • laws
    • routines
    • other requirements.
  • Competent: We increase and renew our competence to ensure compliance of our policy and that set goals are followed and developed.
  • Preventive: Preventive to us means to identify and prevent all unwanted effects, risks and behavior and to address the problem at the source.