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At NC we believe that furniture should be manufactured to last and be used for generations. The foundation lies in quality but also in the furnitures construction and choice of materials. The product should be able to be reshaped, reconditioned and reused to extend its lifespan. What features of furniture creates the right conditions for an as long life as possible?

We have identified some features that facilitate reuse of furniture. We have chosen to call these the furniture’s remake criteria.

Remake criteria to simplify

To make it easy for our customers, we have established three remake criteria that we consider particularly important to enable and facilitate reuse in the furniture industry. By choosing furniture that meets one or more criteria, you make a good deal both today and in the future. On each product page you can find information regarding the remake criteries applicable to that specific product.

How do these criteria simplify reuse?

Removable cover

Many upholstered furniture, especially fully upholstered chairs, currently have fabric glued on the padding material. This makes the fabric look smooth but unfortunately it makes it impossible to replace the fabric without destroying the underlying padding.

At NC, we believe that the customer should be able to remove, wash and replace the fabric themselves. To make this possible, we work to ensure that all of our upholstered furniture has a zipper or Velcro strap that facilitates a change of fabric. At present we also have products with nailed fabric. To change the fabric on these furniture, more work is required, but the padding material underneath is kept intact.

The criteria removable cover imply that the product’s cover easily can be removed thanks to zippers or velcro strap.

Interchangeable padding

It is not just the fabric that may need to be replaced on a furniture. Sometimes new padding is also required. Depending on the design of the furniture, the padding material may be glued or loose under the fabric. A large part of our range has loose padding material, but we still have a major challenge in completely getting away from padding material glued on wood.

The criteria interchangable padding imply that the seat and/or back padding can easility be replaced without special tools.

Solid wood

Wood is a pleasant material when it comes to reuse and remake. Who has not seen or inherited an old wooden furniture from a relative? To be able to take care of a wooden furniture in a good way and to be able to polish and varnish it, it simplifies that the details are in solid wood.

The criteria solid wood imply that the product easily can be polished and re-varnished thanks to details in solid wood.

Let´s make our furniture circular.

Be environmentally sound and let us renovate your NC furniture!

If you have furniture that needs to be renovated, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request!

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