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What does Möbelfakta mean for NC?

For us at NC, Möbelfakta is a way to show how we work to contribute to sustainable development and a basic level that we strive to achieve for all our products. Our products labeled with Möbelfakta meet strict requirements in the environmental field, on social responsibility and on the quality of the product.

All our products marked with Möbelfakta are tagged on the website so that they are easy to find. Within the respective product page you will also find Möbelfakta certificates (pdf), which you can open and download.

83% of our range is labeled with Möbelfakta

...but we are not satisfied until we reach 100%

Every year, we set new goals for the number of products we shall have labeled with Möbelfakta to reach the vision of 100%. By the end of 2019 we shall reach 90%. A tough goal but we have already come a long way.



Möbelfakta sets standards within environment, quality and social responsibility


Möbelfakta has high standards when it comes to environment. In our furniture we want to use as environmentally friendly material as possible. The environmental standards are in line with the recommended standards set by the Swedish National Agency for Public Procurement. Therefore Möbelfakta works as a testimonial in several Swedish procurements.


The products have also undergone quality tests that meet international standards for furniture.


Möbelfakta places demands on us to do risk assessment of all suppliers and subcontractors. In addition, we shall establish an action plan for those who are not deemed to have a low risk of violating requirements to live up to the UN Global Compact – principles of human rights, labor law, environment and corruption.


Share of Möbelfakta at NC

NC´s range labelled with Möbelfakta

All NC´s labelled products are tagged with Möbelfakta, thereby they are easy to find and compare. At the product pages you will find the Möbelfakta certificates (pdf).


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