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Möbelfakta environmental standards

Möbelfakta has high standards when it comes to environment. In our furniture we want to use as environmentally friendly material as possible. The environmental standards are in line with the recommended standards set by the Swedish National Agency for Public Procurement. Therefore Möbelfakta works as a testimonial in several Swedish procurements.


Möbelfakta quality standards

The products have also undergone quality tests that meet international standards for furniture.


Social responsibility – This is how NC work

Möbelfakta environmental standards

For us at NC it is important that all parts in a product is produced in a fair manner, no worker in the supply chain should have poor working conditions. Therefore we set high demands on our suppliers, they should follow the UN Global Compact – principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

We do an ambitious preventing work where we identify risks concerning a product’s components with the help of certificates, evaluations and on-site audits.



60,1 % of purchase

have undergone audit

60.1 percent of NC’s purchases have undergone audit (2018) where the outcome often result in action plans. We support our suppliers in their work with fair working conditions. The fact that we have an ongoing and preventing work method for social responsibility in our supply chain is verified by the Möbelfakta label.

Share of total purchases in 2018

  • Lithuania 45 %
  • Estonia 22 %
  • Sweden 21 %
  • Romaina 8 %
  • Europe 3 %  *
  • China <0,1 %

* Denmark, Neatherlands, Norway, Portugal, Great Britain.

How safe are our working conditions?

  • Lithuania 95 %
  • Estonia 86 %
  • Sweden 51 %
  • Romania 100 %
  • Europe* 73 %
  • China 100 %

* Denmark, Neatherlands, Norway, Portugal, Great Britain.

The reason why China and Romania get a better result than for example Sweden is becuase we have been using more resourses to controll these supplieras as they are located in a so called high risk country. After our controll these supplier has been concidered as not being at risk of breaking our Code of Conduct. In Sweden there are som suppliers that has still not been controlled.

Part of Möbelfakta at NC

NC´s range labelled with Möbelfakta


All NC´s labelled products are tagged with Möbelfakta, thereby they are easy to find and compare. At the product pages you will find the Möbelfakta certificates (pdf).


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