• Developed for environments with special hygiene requirements
  • High seating comfort and infinitely adjustable
  • Offers adjustability controls on both sides
  • Gap between seat and back for best hygiene
  • Removable upholstery
  • Rubber fabric/hospital fabric
  • Adjustable neck pillow
  • Removable upholstery

Height117 cm

Width57 cm

Depth79 cm

Seat height48 cm

Seat depth50 cm

Arm height65 cm

Any NCS color available as
an option on this product.
Environmental documents
Care instructions for this piece of furniture
  • Removable and washable fabrics are washed according to washing instructions. These are sewn with a shrink seam, wash before use for optimal fit.
  • Vacuuming with a soft nozzle is often sufficient for cleaning.
  • Stains should always be removed as quickly as possible. In most cases, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient, for more difficult stains, a pH-neutral detergent or a foam detergent for professional use can be used.
  • Always use white cloths and avoid wetting a woolen fabric to a greater extent, as this risks remaining stains.
  • If necessary, a foam detergent can also be used for a more thorough cleaning if this is allowed in the fabric's specification.
  • For regular cleaning, use a lightly moistened cloth with a mild detergent without solvents or abrasives.
  • For heavily soiled surfaces, a cloth moistened with alcohol can be used.
  • Disinfection can be done with alcohol if the surface is dried afterwards.
If you take care of the leather in the right way, it will become more beautiful over the years.
  • Leather is heat sensitive. Therefore, direct sunlight and close contact with heating elements should be avoided.
  • Vacuum the furniture to remove loose dirt and dust.
  • Wipe the leather with a slightly damp cloth and a mild soapy solution can be used for cleaning.
  • Water-based leather care products extend the lifespan.

Freja 238

Functional armchair

Freja 238 is a stepless and adjustable functional armchair with a metal frame. It has high comfort and is easy to use. The armchair has been developed for environments with high demands on cleanliness. For example, nursing homes and in care and social care.

Freja 238 comes with removable and washable fabric in the seat. It has a gap between the seat and back, which facilitates cleaning. It can also be ordered with artificial leather that does not need to be dried after disinfection.
As an option, you can get a neck pillow, rubber fabric on the seat, and adjustability controls on both sides of the armchair.

Any NCS color available as
an option on this product.

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