Mia Cullin

Mia Cullin


A deep interest in traditional craftsmanship and visually striking constructions inspires Mia Cullin's work with interior architecture as well as with design objects of all sizes.

Clean, simple and often basic geometric shapes are combined with artisan details. "We designers have to be responsible," says Mia Cullin, "We should challenge every new product we make in a world overflowing with things: Does it have character? Does it tell a story? Does it have the power to claim its own place among existing objects?

"Orkester" has the answers to these questions. A bench inspired by traditional piano stools and their adjustable seats. The flat circular seats are attached with sturdy wood screws to a piece of timber resting on four legs a typological twist made entirely in ash wood.

Mia Cullin's work shows a honesty and truthfulness that expresses her roots in a Nordic design culture, while at the same time she strives beyond. Her interior architecture is characterized by a limited color palette, and with careful attention to detail.

Mia Cullin has studied at Konstfack, the School of Art, Crafts and Design, as well as abroad at Denmark's School of Design in Copenhagen and at the Accademia di Moda e Design in Florence. She founded her design studio after graduating from Konstfack in 1998. Her work ranges from interior design to furniture and smaller objects. Among her clients are Swedish companies such as Materia, Zero, Nola, Ikea, Gemla and Blå Station and now also NC Nordic Care. Mia also works with Finnish companies such as Adea and Woodnotes.


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