Amulett 731/736

Design: Jooy Design

Amulet is available in two variants 731 which is fixed and 736 which is adjustable

Amulet is an inclusive and embracing armchair with round inviting shapes, designed to work in environments with high demands on comfort, hygiene and security. The main focus of the design was to create soft armrest with a high tactile sensation. Amulet is a generous but still pretty and easily placed piece of furniture

For best hygiene, Amulet has removable and washable fabric in the seat and back, as well a gap between the seat and back to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting stuck. Amulet is made of FSC-certified birch.


Armchair with demands on comfort, hygiene and security
Generous, pretty and easily placed
Inclusive and embracing
Gap between seat, back and frame for best hygiene
Removable upholstery


Frame in any NCS color
Rubber fabric/hospital fabric on seat


Solid wood
Removable upholstery

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