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This site uses so-called cookies. Cookies are small text lines that are loaded into the computer’s memory or downloaded as a file on your computer to improve reading and search on our website. Everything is done anonymously.


Session cookies

We use a session cookie to facilitate the use of our website. It is a short-term cookie that is stored temporarily in your means of communication during the time you visit a website. For example, this kind of cookies is used to keep track of which language you have chosen for the site and it will disappear as soon as you shut down your browser.

Everything is done anonymously

We use Google Analytics to collect visitor statistics anonymously. It helps the web system to recognize what type of content and pages visited on the site. The information stored may be information about where the site visitors have surfaced, what browser visitors are using, and which pages get the most visitors. The collection is in anonymous form. IP addresses are not saved, so information about you can never be linked with your identity.